How to Handle and Care for Tabletop Products

General Care Instructions

  • 70% of damage/loss occurs at the dishwasher table
  • Ensure dishwasher table has sufficient space to store dirty items
  • All washing equipment should be maintained and checked regularly
  • Check stock regularly
  • Storage facilities should allow for stock rotation to prevent overuse
  • All items should be separated into type prior to washing
  • Avoid overloading trays or trolleys

China Care Instructions

  • Ware should be washed within 45 minutes of removing from the table
  • Pre-rinse before washing, temperature should not exceed 109° F
  • Avoid contact between china, dinnerware and metals
  • Abrasive cleaning aids should not be used. (i.e. scouring pads, steel wool)
  • Minimize handling to reduce glaze abrasion
  • Do not stack more than 15″ high
  • In order to reduce abrasion, do not slide items across each other
  • Rotate your stock to prevent uneven wear

Welsh Slate

Most products are dishwasher safe with the exception of those which have material bases. All products can be wiped clean using soap and warm water. Light scratches can usually be rubbed out using a damp cloth.

Serving Suggestions

To enhance the richness of the slate a gentle coating of mineral oil can be applied before serving the food onto the slate. Welsh Slate is ISO14001 Certified and has stringent environmental policies in place.

Melamine Care Instructions

Washing: Delfin melamine is commercial dishwasher safe. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners, steel wool. or metal pot scouring pads to remove food or stains. For best results, use only non-abrasive scrubbing pads or plastic bristle scrubbers to remove dried food. Do not use chlorine bleach or chlorine based sanitizing solutions when caring for melamine products.
Only use sanitizers developed for commercial use. A qualified chemical specialist should recommend the proper cleaning solution to use with melamine products.

Temperature: Delfin melamine products can withstand heat up to 248° F (120°C). Do not use in an oven or microwave.

Condition: Use of serrated knives is not recommended on melamine products. Proper care and maintenance will ensure the lifespan of your Delfin melamine products.

Flatware Care Instructions

  • Flatware should be washed separately from dinnerware
  • Wash as soon as possible to prevent pitting from acidic food deposits
  • A pre-soak in warm water is recommended to loosen food particles
  • Make sure your cleaning agent is void of any abrasive or corrosive qualities
  • Use upright baskets to prevent scratching and to aid drying
  • Do not overfill the upright flatware baskets
  • If using a low temperature dishwashing system, carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid staining or corrosion
  • On completion of the wash allow the flatware to air dry, hand dry if necessary
  • Always insure the flatware is completely dry before storing
  • Store flatware in a dry place away from the cooking area.

Steak Knife Care Instructions

  • For best performance, handwashing is recommended for all knives
  • Wood-handled knives: wash knives with warm water and mild detergent. rinse well and dry thoroughly, oil handles with mineral oil as needed
  • ABS (resin) handled knives: low temperature dishwasher safe. not recommended for high temp dishwashers that exceed 165F/75C (extreme temp change can cause handle to crack)
  • Stainless Steel knives: dishwasher safe
  • Avoid long washing cycles and use a soft cloth to dry

Things to avoid:

  • Soaking knives; they should be cleaned immediately to prevent damage
  • Using abrasive cleaners. scouring pads. oven cleaners or cleaners containing chlorine bleach or citric extracts
  • Cutting on hard surfaces such as stone, metal or glass

Glassware Care Instructions

  • Clean glasses in a glasswasher not a dishwasher when possible
  • Use properly sized compartment glass racks
  • After washing remove basket and leave to cool down and dry
  • Never carry glasses in bouquets
  • Never use glass in place of ice scoop
  • Never use glass to carry or store flatware
  • Never let the beer tap come in contact with the glass

Stemware Care Instructions

  • Do not handle the stemware when hot
  • Use white cotton gloves or 2 cloths for polishing
  • Polish the bowl first followed by the stem and then the base
  • Do not hold the glass by the stem or the base when polishing the bowl
  • Hold glasses by the stem to avoid fingerprints on the bowl